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fast grow anabolic or hyperbolic mass

Your Blood Type Diet is the ideal guide to not only the perfect protein sources ideally suited for you, but also the ideal amounts. I've used Hyperbolic for 2 months now and I must say, apart from tasting delicious, this product truly works for me. Good product for hard gainers! Recommend it for hard gainers. Previous use of fast grow. Side effects are not part of this package, it works, proven, i just depleted my 6kg pack last week and I have no regrets as far as its concerned.

Fast Grow Anabolic

Its a great product try it and tell me if you don't like what you see Have been using this product for the last month after finishing up my bag of Optimum Nutritions Serious Mass - this product is basically USN's go at a Serious Mass type of product - and to be honest its not that bad a product at all I am happy with the gains after a year of taking it. Have at least 8 - 12 large glasses of water per day. Firstly it tastes horrible with water and even when you mix it with milk it doesn't mix well and its too sweet. Organically grown chicken is best for the health conscious, and an average piece of chicken breast can supply your body with approximately 30 grams of protein. A very good product for starters, I've gone from 69kg to 75kg in about three-quarters of a month, however in conjunction with a good meal and gym plan.

For bodybuilders and athletes or individuals on a mass gaining plan. Energy kJ Protein Triple Carb Time Release Formula long chain glucose polymers, medium chain glucose polymers, dextrose monohydrate. As a dietary supplement, add 3 rounded scoops to ml of cold water. Use a blender or hand held shaker for about 30 seconds. Have 1 to 2 servings daily servings may be halved. So my question is can i take this supplement Last edited by idiotdog; at A good protein, creatine and a multivit can replace that.

At your age, you definitely don't require any Test Boosters. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Great for Muscle Growth. It is effective in bulking up some muscles accompanied by good diet of couse.

Within a year bulked up with 15kg's of mass. Effective product, tastes good and fills you up leaving you satisfied. I bought this shake three weeks ago I chose strawberry flavour and it tastes so good I've gained 5kgs in those 3 weeks am definitely gonna buy it again trust me it works wonders.

Very good for hardgainers, taste is good and easy to digest. It works very good!!!! I first tried this product two weeks ago and i see good results. It works very best for hard gainers. Used this product for 2weeks and I gained 3kg of fat even though I ran every morning and hit the gym room in the evening.. I even watch my diet but still I gained fat especially around the waist.

This is a great product for getting those extra calories in when bulking! I made solid gains with this product and only used a half a serving per day since i got my other calories by food, prolonging the servings.

Good weight gainer ever. Stack it with creatine and testoblast to see better results in just a short period of time. My all time favorite. This is one product I cannot gym without. Since it hit the shelves a few years it has been the ultimate "fast metabolism defeater" for me.

Recommend it for hard gainers. This product is the best i wud reccomend it to anyone battling to gain I used this product three years straight and it worked very well for me I gained 10 kgs and maintained it. This mass is very good especially if you have a fast metabolism it worked great for me but it's too sweet which flavours can I try besides chocolate?

I started taking this mass gainer on February on May I was very big and I'm also bulking it has great results. Life changer right here, Went from average to hulk smash in no time.

I always be usn products loyal customer. I have been using hyperbolic mass it really works indeed, there's no complication it does what it does best trust me. Hyper is a very good.

Wow I've used this supplement only for 2 months. I've been using it almost two weeks now and the results are extreme I guess the main reason may be that I train so damn very hard like Cena my role Model Something that actually works. I am a hard-gainer and have been my whole life, stuck to whey protein and saw some results but when I tried Hyperbolic Mass about a month ago I saw immediate results. I picked up 0. The vitamin matrix in this is awesome and works great for ectomorphs with long limbs like myself.

I bought my second bag this morning. I currently take it only in the mornings, 1 scoop serving. Big results, even on low dosages. Bought this product and used it for 5 weeks and all I can say is not bad. But I was disappointed to be exact because I workout like crazy hard and I expected like really massive gains but I gained only a few pounds but not the worst supplement out there. Totally switching to creatine now. This is a great product, nothing like the previous protein shakes I've used.

I imminently began to see results within the first month of calisthenics. Now I'm on aesthetics and the gains are even more insane. Really tastes funny, and it never really mixes. Hardcore exercises will give u best results wit this products. Depending on how you use it and your expected result. If u wanna gain mass and you really abuse the iron I promise you you will gain gr8 results but, if you go to gym to massage the machines and try to be a gym fan to the ladies then come home to drink this,hoping that it will miraculously give you a body of Arnold Schwazneger So ppl hav to stop thinking that this will carve your muscle.

Your a sculptor with a chisel. This is a great product for its price, I would have liked more protein per serving, but other than that, its pretty good, great for mass gain, just watch out for the calories as its got a pretty high carbohydrate content.

This is a very good product it helps too gain weight and muscle. I used a 2kg pack to start off with and used it in about 3 weeks , I gained 5kg in those three weeks! Definitely buying it again. It is one of the best shakes out there in this price range it makes it worth it and it definitely worked for me. What a waste of money. I will never buy this product ever again. Firstly it tastes horrible with water and even when you mix it with milk it doesn't mix well and its too sweet.

Secondly High sugar content- can't stand that and excessive carbohydrates. Thirdly it requires a person to have 4 scoops per day but still don't get the results I wanted to see. This product made me gain unwanted fat. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Maybe its my sensitive taste buds,but i find it too sweet,and it doesn't mix well when using a shaker,u need to blend it I bought this today, the 1KG for only R Usually I don't buy USN but thought I'd give a mass gainer a shot because I've been wanting a gainer with fast release carbs to check if I get a better pump, and I only use whey protein and creatine normally.

Any shake that still has lumps after 10 shakes is bad quality, so no wonder it was so cheap. Secondly it's very sweet I haven't been to they gym yet since I've only tried it now once after gym This stuff is a rip off I'll never buy USN again. Lumpy shakes means bad quality and I can taste its cheap stuff. This Product works, but the downside of it is that you'll gain more Fat than the actual Muscle.

Been using other products and never experienced better results with an awesome feeling more than this one,definitely can't wait. Waste of time and money. I bought this product this year of January to gain weight and build muscle because of my fast metabolism, the advice I got from usn professionals said it would do me good.

I had this shake for 3 weeks now and I gained 4kg in that time. I can surely suggest this shake for all athletes and sports people , believe me - it works. I got this mass gainer a few weeks ago There has been no change in my mass and worst of all it tastes horrible. I started using this product few weeks ago and it always gives me an eager to train more and the taste is great. I've been using the product for a week now and felt changes in my body just two days after getting it.

Picked up 1 kg in that period and now I've gained another kg. That's 2kgs in two weeks. For me,that's steady and healthy. I gain muscle mass without picking up bad fat by following a training program and eating lots of food during the day. It is also an effective supplement to drink between meals certain activities during the day don't allow you to have snacks like work for example because it helps the body from not using stored fat for energy.

I used this during rugby season as a post workout shake after practises and gym and despite all the cardio i was doing 4h high intensity weekly, i still managed to gain a solid 3kg. I tried this product 2 years back and I gained close to nothing!! This product is very decieving and a total waste of money!! I'd rather stick to Evox and Muscleworks. Solid gains for a skinny guy, taste gets old fast. Hyperbolic Mass was the first mass gainer I ever tried.

Only once did I take the suggested serving size and the bloat was too much for me. After that I cut my serving sizes down to half a serving mid-morning and half a serving post-workout.

Used this mass gainer for about six months and picked up 10kg, very impressed with it but I am sick of the taste now. Personally I saw no gain from this product probably because of the high sugar content.

I don't see how someone would want to gain mass from such high amounts of sugar, Is having that much of sugar on a daily basis even healthy? Hard gainer 0nly gave me lean muscle and a lot of strength but gains were weak! Jus started using da product got 2 6kg's it been 2weeks now I hv gained some mass garging on some exercises r couldnt do thx USN I love the product.. Very good weight gainer! If you are willing to add a few extra pounds in fat, while packing on the muscle, this product is great!

It contains all the protein, carbs and vitamins you need to build lots of muscle, as well as some creatine! It is relatively well priced at about R per kg, chocolate tastes great, but stay away from vanilla and strawberry. One of the few supplements out there that really worked for a hardgainer like myself. Really helped get in all my calories i needed and the chocolate flavour tastes great, definately one of the better supplements out there!

Ultimate great tasting shake. This is the ultimate mass gaining shake. Great taste, great gains.. The taste is amazing for a mass gainer, by far the best taste out of all the supps I've taken. Gained 5kgs in a week but that was on my first 6KG tub. Now on my 3rd. Not seeing such great results on this tub. Won't use this supplement ever again. I could never get enough calories to help me bulk up but with this supplement it helped me achieve my goals i gained 6kg in 2 weeks: The product does force rapid weight gain.

Not all of it good. Contains a very high amount of sugar so expect to gain fat during a bulk directly from this product. Taste is average, it makes a very thick shake. Good luck drinking all of it as the serving quantity recommended is very high.

Price used to be cheap in comparison to other brands and is now mid-range. Found it to be quite good, gained 2kg's in one week.

Taste is pretty nice when mixed well with blender. Spent my money wisely. It is very effective. Shows quick muscle gains and quick strength gains, but the price had gone up to be a bit expensive, i can't order!

It doesn't give me the option of flavours thats quite frustrating! Im a hard gainer, but its by far the best i've ever used. Good product, good price. This is a good product and the price is good, but it does not mix well, they should make it more concentrated. Taste is not very good and considering you have to drink massive amounts of it, its quite a negative.

I did make weight gains, definitely helped me bulk up. I did however get much better results in lean muscle gains with much less fat gains with Evox 5XL. Good mass gainer, loved it. USN Hyperbolic mass is a great mass gainer, helped me gain 5KG in 4 weeks, I switched to another mass gainer and I stopped making mass gains, won't switch back to USN Hyperbolic though because it has a small amount of protein.

It made me fart a lot, like really, a freaken lot. I recommend hyperbolic mass as one of best usn weight gaining product Great price and taste but be warned. If you don't have a proper gym plan in place you will pick up the wrong sort of weight. Great for those with serious metabolisms. Effective when used as a weight gainer or if used as a meal replacement: The price is neutral, the taste was average, but i saw no gains from this product and the serving size is quite large.

A very good product for starters, I've gone from 69kg to 75kg in about three-quarters of a month, however in conjunction with a good meal and gym plan. Do not just take it and expect gains.

Iamges: fast grow anabolic or hyperbolic mass

fast grow anabolic or hyperbolic mass

I used a 2kg pack to start off with and used it in about 3 weeks , I gained 5kg in those three weeks! Won't use this supplement ever again. Not the easiest shake to get down, but in the end, the gains are worth it.

fast grow anabolic or hyperbolic mass

I bought my second bag this morning. I'm very happy with the results.

fast grow anabolic or hyperbolic mass

Big results, even on low dosages. This product is the best i wud reccomend it to anyone battling to gain This is a good product and the price is good, but it does not mix well, they anabollic fast grow anabolic or hyperbolic mass it more concentrated. No other product comes close to this. I used this product and it gave me my first 10kg gain. May also contain traces of wheat glutentree nuts and peanuts. I used this when afst first started working out as a meal replacement shake does steroids cause low potassium it took me from 60kg to 66kg in the first month i went through two tubs.