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national geographic documentary anabolic steroids effect

It was so biased and one sided. I agree full hearty with mcdscott. I am all for it. The sheeple are never dissapointing Originally Posted by He who shall not be named.

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The biggest scam was Weider magazine's constant use of endorsements by pros for advertisers selling protein powder and the like, one month Milos appeared in an ad proudly showing him holding this outrageously expensive, horrible tasting powdered cardboard and dirt mixture tastes that way at least and he laughed at the fat check he was paid and word around the gym was he had used it just once after they comped him some as part of the contract and he spit it out after tasting it. One of my Good friends killed himself just like the Guy in this doc.. For those that don't have none of those things, building an attractive body is cheap and easy. Does it take you a couple of weeks and you Steak for breakfast with eggs, hamburger for lunch, even eat a big steak right before you go to bed as as long as it's not too many calories for your body to use soon it won't convert to fat.

Honestly im not sure how I can keep my cool at work with people and going on keto. Seems tough to me. Does it take you a couple of weeks and you I know a lot of people say "only one" but I've already started tmrw will be the start of week 3 and my natty I only plan on running one cycle I know a lot of people say that but I'm not in this to get huge I just wanted to kick start my new found lifestyle call it lazy or whatever. Safety is my upmost Results 1 to 29 of Anyone see this show? I was looking for more education than a scared straight program Just wondering what the opinions are out there on it.

Join Date Sep Posts Their experts say the special had totally false info. It starts on the most recent broadcast Lee Priest at about 18 min in. Join Date Mar Posts Right after the other one.

Ill have to check that out. I wanted to see it for myself and see how much info was false or misleading. Join Date Sep Posts 3, Here's another documentary that is a little more unbiased http: Seen that one a times but still good. I want to watch this new one tho to see how biased it really is. Originally Posted by largerthannormal. I don't know if thread will be taken to the lounge It was so biased and one sided.

Maybe doctor prescribed for various reasons or whatever. They used a bunch of generic hypothesis that can be linked to anything. Everyone that has been around a while knows that there is way more underlying issues in those kind of cases. What about analyzing all heart attacks that occur for 39 year olds instead of staring at one person. Who is to say that the person's genetics didn't cause it or if he wasn't taking anabolics whether or not something would have occured?

What about looking at the countries where it is legal and compare that countries stats with ours? I can go on and on It kind of discredits NGC for being so biased and uniformed. Not a very good documentary with good unbiased information. All the show is targeted at is the fight on this in the US That was a load of crap.. Yeah I can honestly say that if I was an uneducated non user I would have come away from that show with the following beliefs: Correct me if I am wrong but cant anything cause all of the above?

I would say that it can cause liver problems with the high prolonged use of orals due to the body passing them through the liver to break them down. The depression is kinda true without proper pct your body has a huge drop in its test levels when you come off a cycle. Steroids promote this kind of growth but artificially. They travel via the blood stream to the cells. They hook up to small portions of the cells known as androgen receptors. From there they pick up the molecules and carry them inside muscle cells.

At that point, DNA is combined and proteins of a specific kind are released. The use of steroids only leads to dire consequences. Steroids help in accelerating cell and muscle growth.

Being an artificial process, the body is not always equipped to handle such massive and rapid changes. Therefore there are side effects in most cases.

The film makes a point against the use of drugs to improve muscle mass. As per the claims made by the film, instead of picking up steroid spending some time in the gym each week would produce similar results. Hamilton Morris is a journalist who wants to explore the world of drugs. More specifically, he explores the area of psychopharmacology, a branch of psychology concerned with Cartel Land is an award winning documentary by director Matthe Heineman. Matthew got the idea after reading an article in the Rolling Stone magazine about the Arizona Border Rec I am against making things illegal, people have personal responsibility and THAT is very important for people's well-being!

Besides I don't think it 'works' and this is proven everywhere. It just makes for less capability for honest research in this case and more problems due to illegality and criminality. Of course children and mentally disordered are an exception and they should be protected.

I can't say much more because I haven't used them myself, though I am about to after 4 years of strict natural bodybuilding, dieting etc. I'd say only over the age of 21, use pct goddamnit, be reasonable with doses don't go all year on or sth.

And still it's your own risk. Don't blame the steroids because you were stupid enough to take them. If you can't protect yourself you should get yourself declared mentally impaired and opt for a counselor. Don't be bothering the rest of the population by throwing your dignity out the window right along with your health, whining at government or sth. Some people are just asking for it. If you think it's a good idea to operate a jet plane while under dosage of a ugs of LSD combined with mgs of MDA and a bottle of vodka, you deserve to crash.

I'm not going to feel sorry for you. To clear up some of the ignorance, athletes that use steroids are at the very pinnacle of their sporting class not because of steroids, although steroids have pushed athletes further from the average citizen in performance, but because of their god given talent and hard work.

When you consider that most athletes, especially in track and field, use steroids they have effectively created an equal playing field. Why do athletes use steroids? They do so, so they can keep up with the other guy also using them. This drives steroid use in professional sports particularly track and field.

What separates one athlete from the next isn't steroid use, because they all use them but genetics, and probably to a lesser degree differences in training.

Some commenters have hinted to the fact that society is shallow and there is a lot of merit to that. All humans want to be desirable, especially to the other sex, so we try and do anything in our power to become more desirable.

Whether that be collecting material worth, or reaching prominent status, or just simply looking better. Those who have chosen the latter often see steroids as a way to enhance their own image. They are pushing the envelope to look better and bigger than the next guy. The irony is that males that use steroids excessively in the pursuit of the perfect image have actually made themselves much less attractive to the opposite sex.

Studies have shown that women on average prefer a man with a good muscular build and lean tummy but nothing like you see in muscle magazines. As a species, our preoccupation with what we call shallow is what I think is a natural part of our psychology to attract a potential mate.

I myself have fallen victim to this. I have used steroids and have gotten great results and yes I would use them again. They are generally guys with well-paying jobs that have successful careers.

I think the concerns in this video are a bit exaggerated. Do people normally suffer heart attacks at mid to late? They may have suffered heart attacks anyway. Steroids causing cancer is also not substantiated fact. There are also a lot of steroid users that have never had cancer. The jury is still out on that one.

I say the cult of the brain is a good thing for America, because it counteracts the effects of the cult of the enormous testicles Why would anyone want to take a drug to look like a freak? It's only other freaks that think that it looks good. Normal people are happy to look normal. Are these individuals considered freaks because there are not many with their mentality or will. Most people are not bodybuilders because it takes hard discipline and strenuous physical exercise.

Most people cannot handle this type of work on their bodies and if you call me a freak for doing so thats OK with me cause I'll take it in a positive manner. I've got a real funny feeling that your a dude that sits in a chair all day watching sports, drinking beer, with a 56inch waste line, and when boxing comes on, say a pro fight, You yell out how you'd a done this or you'd a done that, and how you'd a beat that dude.

In my opinion, steroids should be legalized, both for everyday use and professional use. People have been warned about the effects, and if it's a risk they want to take, let them take it. It's like alchohol or cigarettes. We all know they have longterm effects on the body, yet people still drink and smoke.

People might get suicidal or suffer from "roid-rage", but how many times haven't you seen drunk people fighting in the streets, or hear about young people committing suicide after being drunk. For the professional use, I think it should be legalized completely aswell. If it becomes legalized, soon you won't be in atheletics unless you are on steroids, simply because you're not good enough, meaning that everyone takes them, and then they won't have an advantage.

I bet your e-peen just grew two inches with that rant. Who's the "chubbs" sitting in a chair now? If that really happens then being a professional athlete will mean nothing. Rather then being considered the best athlete you will just be considered the person that is to damn lazy to do it the proper way.

I agree with legalizing the drug s. However, I disagree with athletes using it to enhance profession. I agree full hearty with mcdscott. It underminds the profession and insults those who actually worked hard to reach their full potential. It's like allowing students to use calculators during a test that measures if they learned the concept of basic addition and subtraction People ought to be rewarded for hard work not because they cheated.

I agree that some body builders take it to the extreme and don't even look human anymore. However, I don't think ALL body builders are freaks There are actually some hot looking body builders, and they're smart too I've seen two who were taking astrophysics and calculus with physics, including knowing how to solve derivatives.

Some people need to stop stereotyping other people who they don't know at all, especially towards body builders. George Boy once stated in an interview That's a no brainer The interviewees are just saying this or that is bad for you It's the governments' and the medias' manipulation technique to convince people to accept and support a police state.

They weren't educated properly on how. I agree with Artales Does this documentary glorify or disparage?

Iamges: national geographic documentary anabolic steroids effect

national geographic documentary anabolic steroids effect

There, they hook up to small portions known as androgen receptors, which pick up the molecules and carry them inside muscle cells. These agents have the sole purpose of accelerating cell growth, and, in this case, they help muscle cells grow faster than they normally would.

national geographic documentary anabolic steroids effect

The good thing is that it's legal and the side effects are minimal. Stopped cycle need help Posted By Getsomehate 5 replies Today,

national geographic documentary anabolic steroids effect

Bigger, stronger, faster This video presents the full, award-winning, documentary national geographic documentary anabolic steroids effect the use of performance enhancement substances legal and illegal ones in the USA. It underminds the profession and insults those who actually worked hard to reach their full potential. Many would say from the marketing industry but I disagree. Never did, but I witnessed the downfall of many! Find a guy who dbol 18 years old like you a few months ago and is odcumentary noticeably bigger. Everyone that has been around a while knows that there is way more underlying issues in those kind of cases.