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Increase in male breast tissue Dianabol can cause a very sudden and significant increase in breast tissue, in one or both breasts a condition known as gynecomastia , very early in a cycle. But it also needs to be flexible, which often leads to more gains. Does kinesio tape or K-tape actually do anything to improve performance, stability, or pain? Syringes will run you around 50 cents apiece. These guidelines work for elite athletes and they'll work for you.

10 Best Testosterone Supplements of 2018

So, if on day one you injected mg, then on day seven or eight you should have around mg that's still active. Listen to what these users of the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook have to say and how this book made their lives easier, even with their hectic schedules: In both male and female users both steroids can increase facial and back hair growth, and scalp hair loss. The prolonged misuse and abuse of AASs can cause several adverse effects, particularly on the cardiovascular system and kidneys. March 23, 0. Below I've compiled a list of some anabolic steroids, including their relative potency and some other info.

In fact, a majority of anabolic steroids are based on dihydrotestosterone. The reason for this is because many DHT derivatives, including Winstrol, Anavar, Promobolan, Masteron, and several others have shown a great deal of potential for desirable effects.

However, DHT is a unique anabolic steroid in that it produces no direct activity within the muscle tissue, as it cannot survive metabolism within the muscle, an interesting property by itself. This is because when DHT enters muscle tissue, it is immediately metabolized by an enzyme known as the 3-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme.

These compounds are not anabolic in any way and cannot affect muscle tissue, explaining why DHT does not produce any direct effects on muscle. The reason DHT is still considered to be an anabolic steroid despite not producing any change in muscle is because its ineffectiveness is due to outside factors and not due to any lack of effectiveness in and of itself. This is shown by the fact that modifying its structure to survive exposure to this enzyme produces very effective and potent anabolic steroids.

All DHT derivatives are made by modifying its molecular structure in such a way as to allow it to survive metabolism in the muscle tissue so that they can effectively produce changes in the muscle. Drostanolone, trade name Masteron, is a simple example of a DHT derivative.

To produce Masteron, DHT is methylated at the 2nd carbon atom, known as carbon alpha. This modification causes a slight increase in anabolic strength when compared to testosterone. The most common properties of DHT derivatives are those that eliminate interaction with the aromatase enzyme.

Because it is the aromatase enzyme that causes DHT to produce estrogenic effects, the lack of interaction with this enzyme means that these derivatives do not produce estrogenic effects. One exception to this rule lies with Oxymetholone, trade name Anadrol, which produces significant estrogenic effects. Interestingly enough, like others in this family, it does not interact with the aromatase enzyme.

This property is not yet understood and Anadrol is a special exception to the general rule. Derivatives of DHT are more versatile and flexible and are generally preferred for use by bodybuilders and other athletes.

This is because they do not produce the estrogenic effects seen in other steroids, and do not tend to cause water retention or gynecomastia swelling of the breast tissue , and other unwanted estrogenic effects. DHT derivatives are often preferred for use in fat loss and other situations where a leaner, harder, appearance is desired more than the softer, more puffy appearance often seen on those who use aromatizable androgens.

DHT derivatives also do not interact with the 5AR 5-alpha reductase enzyme. This is the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into the stronger androgenic hormone dihydrotestosterone. This is due to the fact that DHT is, essentially, itself a metabolite of testosterone.

As such, derivatives of DHT mimic the metabolite. This also means that these steroids will not be converted into stronger androgenic compounds and their androgenic effects should be relatively consistent throughout use for most users. While a number of nandrolone derivatives have been developed, Trenbolone is currently the only nandrolone derivative currently commercially available.

Other compounds that have been developed have proven unpopular for various reasons. Nandrolone itself, while available, is of course not a derivative, as a compound would not be considered to be a derivative of itself. Nandrolone and Trenbolone are in a unique category of anabolic steroid known as progestins. Nandrolone possesses a structure very similar to testosterone, except that nandrolone lacks a 19th carbon atom.

Because of this, nandrolone and its derivative Trenbolone, are known as nortestosterone compounds, meaning that a carbon atom is missing, specifically the 19th carbon atom, which actually includes a whole methyl group. Trenbolone, of course, shares this structural anomaly, but differs from nandrolone by what is found in the place of the missing atoms.

In nandrolone, the missing carbon atom is replaced by a hydrogen atom. In Trenbolone, there is a double bond between the two atoms on either side of the missing atom. It is this missing carbon atom that increases resistance of these compounds to the aromatase enzyme and, in turn, to being converted to estrogen.

In addition, Trenbolone possesses other modifications that further increases its resistance to aromatization and further reduce estrogenic effects.

Specifically, a hydrogen atom is removed from the carbon atoms at the 19th and 11th positions so that the carbon atoms on either side of these two positions become double bonded to each other.

It is these double bonds that that completely negate any interaction between Trenbolone and that aromatase enzyme, so that Trenbolone produces no estrogenic effects. It is this characteristic that gives Trenbolone its exceptionally high anabolic and androgenic strength ratings. These nor progestational compounds produce various effects unique to these types of compounds that are not seen in other steroids.

Studies have found that these anabolic steroids tend to bind with progesterone receptors. It is because of this that they are referred to as progestins, or progestational compounds. Trenbolone displays this characteristic particularly strongly, much more strongly than does nandrolone. This is also one of the reasons why Trenbolone use leads to side effects that are rarely if ever seen in any other anabolic steroids except those other steroids that fall into the progestin category.

Progestogenic side effects are very similar to estrogenic side effects, including: It has thus been concluded that progestin activity correlates closely with the activity of estrogen in the human body. For this reason, it is very important that those considering using these compounds must be very aware of the progestogenic effects of nandrolone and Trenbolone before using them, as well as how to manage these effects should they occur.

Nandrolone and its derivatives are generally preferred by athletes for many of the same reasons that DHT are preferred. These compounds have significant resistance to aromatization, if they aromatize at all. These steroids also show very little, if any, interaction with the 5AR enzyme. For more information on progestogenic effects of these compounds and how to manage them, be sure to consult the specific profiles for both of these steroids.

With all this in mind, the next question is, if it is possible to use anabolic steroids safely , which ones are the best? There are hundreds of variations of anabolic steroids for sale — some are much safer than others.

What are the side effects of steroids in males? The most common adverse outcomes for men of steroid use are male pattern baldness, lowered sperm counts and greater risk of infertility, shrinking of the testicles, erectile dysfunction, and unnatural growth of breast tissue known as Gynocomastia. That being the case, there are many steroids for men for sale that will provide greater safety than others , and there are ways to take them that are also safer than others.

Certainly, women can use anabolic steroids relative safely , but they will be quite limited in the extent and variety of use they can implement, and, of course, there is a much greater risk. As for children and steroids — forget about it. Healthy or otherwise, children should never touch anabolic steroids unless they are being given steroids for medical use by a qualified and licensed physician. Children are too fragile and under-formed; their bodies cannot endure the dramatic changes these hormones will invoke.

In any case, as far as safety goes- we are always talking only about healthy adult men. Finally, by healthy, we mean good physical condition both inside and out. Anyone with high blood pressure or bad cholesterol numbers should steer clear of any anabolic steroids. If you have any preexisting health condition, or if you are not already in high athletic condition, then anabolic steroids are out of the question.

If you do meet the minimum health requirements, you are an adult male and have never used these drugs before — then you may consider carefully moderated anabolic steroid use. Responsible use can be hard to delineate since every person is different. Some people will handle certain steroids well, and others tolerate them poorly. Some people will find their biology simply will not handle these drugs well at all. They should cease using steroids and not continue. The key is a slow and conservative start with each new drug, and carefully graduated increases up to effective dosages, and the willingness to stop entirely should dangerous side effects begin to develop.

Steroid alternatives in the form of supplements are available , while the before and after results may not be as good, the side effects should be minimal. If you do meet the minimum health requirements and you have the mental discipline to supplement carefully and responsibly, there are some anabolic steroids that come with a higher degree of safety than others.

But for healthy adult men, the safest steroid of all is always testosterone. Testosterone is the best-tolerated human steroid men can use. The male body is familiar with it. You have produced it all your life. Plus, it is among the most effective anabolic steroids in existence. It will provide practically every trait that any anabolic steroid user could want.

What is the best steroid to get ripped? Which steroid is best for cutting? The best performance enhancing drug for shedding fat while retaining lean, solid muscle is Clenbuterol.

This drug opens up the bronchial tubes, unleashing lots of oxygen into the bloodstream. It also cranks up mitochondrial energy output, releasing fat reserves and putting them to work building muscle cells.

Heart damage is a significant risk with Clenbuterol. It is also illegal and unlike other steroids it cannot be obtained lawfully with a prescription. Oxandrolone is one of the famous anabolic androgenic steroids with relatively low side effects compared to other supplements in the same category.

However, this nickname has been misleading for long, as this supplement is highly effective for men as well. Though, women celebrate it more due to its effectiveness as one of the very few oral steroids that women can take with little or no issue.

Oxandrolone was first sold by G. During that period, Oxandrolone was not popular in the market as an anabolic steroid, but was reckoned to be part of the initial oral steroids to take the scene of the bodybuilding supplement. This supplement remains one of the best and most expensive steroids one would ever find in the market due to its ability to enhance muscle and strength in relatively safe ways compared to other PEDs. The primary ingredient of Oxandrolic GEP is the hormone oxandrolone.

It is a dihydrotestosterone derivative with high anabolic but low androgenic properties. Oxandrolone is great to be taken alone for steady muscle building, but if you want quick muscle mass changes, it can be taken along with Ripped, Primabol, Propionate, or Nandrolone Phenylpropionate.

Generally, 30 — mg of Oxandrolone is recommended per day for a significant result. This steroid doesn't aromatize and can either be ingested via the acetate version or injected via the enanthate. This steroid does bind rather well to the AR and is known for its mild gains in muscle mass.

Still, considering that it'll cause next to zero water retention, these gains are rather good. Note that some bodybuilders think certain steroids work better based solely on the weight they gain. In actuality, they could be just retaining a lot of water along with the muscle gains. These are the same guys who think they "lose" a lot of muscle after their cycle is completed, when they actually just lost much of the water they'd been holding.

Clinical dosages that are commonly seen with methenolone range from 10 to 20 mg daily, sometimes a little higher for the oral version. For the enanthate version, dosages are usually mg every two to four weeks. Bodybuilders typically use to mg a week. The half-life appears to be very similar to Deca, perhaps slightly shorter. So with this in mind, I'd say the half-life would be around five to seven days. This AA steroid can't aromatize, but has been known to have progestenic properties and thus, can cause water retention.

It has a great reputation for increasing muscle mass and strength to a large degree. The typical dosage in clinical settings is one to five milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight per day. So, a pound person would consume anywhere from 68 to mg per day. However, the higher dosages aren't employed that often. Bodybuilders typically consume around 50 to mg per day. While I can't find info on the half-life in the formal literature, it would seem it's similar to that of stanozolol.

Obviously, this isn't a hard fact, but the half-life should be right in the neighborhood of 7 to15 hours. Only God and Bill Roberts know for sure. This steroid can aromatize and binds well to the AR. It's well known for its ability to produce great gains in muscle size and strength, provided that the dosages are high enough.

It does cause quite a bit of water retention and has quite a few side effects when compared to the other anabolics. Clinical dosages vary, but cypionate and enanthate are both injected every two to three weeks at dosages of around to mg. Propionate and suspension aren't preferred as they don't provide that long of a sustained release.

Bodybuilders typically use around to 1, mg per week. The cypionate ester has a half-life of around eight days. Enanthate is just slightly shorter and propionate is quite a bit shorter.

By the way, Testosterone in a suspension has a half-life of only 10 to minutes. This steroid binds very well to the AR and doesn't aromatize.

It can produce moderate gains in muscle mass with little water retention. However, it, like oxymetholone, can be progestenic leading to water retention when higher dosages are used. In clinical settings, dosages are around 50 to mg every three to four weeks. Bodybuilders use around to mg per week. The decanoate ester has a half-life of six to eight days and the laurate ester commonly seen in veterinary products has a slightly longer half-life.

Tell him Cy sent ya! Okay, you knew I couldn't give you a real source, right? Still, it doesn't take much searching to find some gear. Searching on the Web is one way, or you can do it the old fashioned and usually more expensive way and look for one of the local dealers. I mean don't go up to the largest guy in the gym and say in a loud voice, "Hey man, do you have any of that Reforvit stuff?

Someone always knows a certain "guy. The dosages should be determined after evaluating two things: There are other factors to consider, but for the sake of simplicity we'll stick with these two for now. Regardless of what type of results you're looking for, it would be wise to stack two drugs that work through different mechanisms in order to get a synergistic effect.

For instance, you'd get better results by stacking nandrolone with stanozolol as opposed to nandrolone and oxandrolone. This is because nandrolone and oxandrolone both bind to the AR. I've given you a few examples of stacks below. I'll give a quick review afterward. Let's take a closer look at the first stack. You'd inject mg on day one and then six to eight days later another mg and so on.

The stanozolol or any oral would yield the best results when spread out as evenly as possible in order to allow the drug to remain in the bloodstream throughout the day. Also, by knowing the half-lives of drugs, you can figure out, to an approximate level, how much of the drug is currently active in your body. So, if on day one you injected mg, then on day seven or eight you should have around mg that's still active. When you inject another mg, you then have approximately mg of nandrolone in your body at that moment.

However, that number then begins to slowly decline in an instant. By simply applying the half-life, you can figure out just how much of the drug is still in your bloodstream. As a quick note, half-lives can vary depending on a number of factors, and this is why most texts give you a range, like four to nine hours. One such thing is the size of the person.

Generally speaking, the larger the body mass of the person, the shorter the half-life is going to be. While some guys will only ingest oral steroids on the days that they work out, you don't necessarily have to do this. Remember, you're recovering on those off days, so why not help accelerate the process? The oxandrolone and stanozolol stack above 3 would be for those who are "needle phobic. As far as how long to stay "on" and how long to go "off," here's my take: It really depends on what your goals are.

I mean, if you want to gain 35 pounds in two months, then chances are you won't be able to cycle off and still attain that goal. If, however, you're keeping safety in mind and would only like to gain something like eight to twelve pounds, then a two to three week "on," followed for four to six weeks "off" cycle will suffice.

The safest cycles would include, of course, the safest steroids, for a short period of time. The most effective cycle, on the other hand, is generally going to include the most risks.

Such is the nature of steroids; the most effective stuff is also the most "dangerous," so to speak. Also keep in mind that there's no perfectly "safe" or risk-free steroid. One particular steroid may not give you gyno, but may be tough on the liver.

Another may not be tough on the liver, but may increase the risk of your hair falling out. See what I mean? This is the "give and take" of the steroid game.

Below is an abbreviated list of the safest and most effective steroids in my opinion. Side effects include the risk of liver damage, gynecomastia, water retention edema , and possible hair loss.

They usually return to normal after you discontinue use, however. You can greatly reduce these effects by simply using something like clomiphene Clomid both during and after the cycle.

Now, don't get me wrong here. When I give these ratings for gains, I'm taking into account the dosages that people typically use. Any anabolic steroid can produce great gains in muscle mass if high enough dosages are used.

However, it isn't very feasible to ask someone to use 1, mg of oxandrolone per week. If you're going to use any injectable gear, then of course you're going to need some "darts. Also, you can purchase needles online.

Just do a little searching around and you'll find several places that'll hook you up. Syringes will run you around 50 cents apiece. Note that it'll be more difficult to obtain needles at least from the larger, more "legit" companies if you live in California and Illinois.

You'll usually need a doctor's prescription in those states. Still, if you look around enough, you can get what you need. You'll need anywhere from a one inch to 1. Remember, the bigger the gauge, the smaller the needle. Bill Roberts also writes about using super tiny insulin needles 29 or 30 gauge and compensating for their narrow size by injecting very slowly, like for a full minute. You'll want to get around ten or more syringes, depending on how many injections you plan on doing.

Just go up to the pharmacist and ask for them. Try not to be wearing your Testosterone T-shirt. In most cases the pharmacist won't ask you anything, but some are "funny" and like to play God by telling you that they won't sell them to you or that they don't have them. If they do ask, simply tell them that you take injections of Testosterone for replacement therapy and you have to pick up some syringes.

After this, go and get a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some cotton swabs. You may also want to get some band-aids. Next up, you'll need to get some products that are a little more difficult to obtain.

These are clomiphene, tamoxifen Nolvadex , and possibly anastrozole. Whether you choose tamoxifen or clomiphene is up to you. If you have an aromatizable steroid, it would be best to use tamoxifen or high dosages of clomiphene in order to prevent the large increases of estrogen from binding to receptors in areas like breast tissue. If you don't do this, you could end up with gynecomastia, aka bitch tits, dollies, and formerly known as Pamela Lees.

If the steroid doesn't aromatize, you'll still need something to help your endogenous natural Testosterone levels recover. That something should be clomiphene. While tamoxifen can also increase Testosterone levels, you'll need to use higher dosages to do so.

Regardless, think of these things as necessary tools. These two will help save you a lot of trouble! Don't do a cycle unless you have one of them. Anastrozole can be an alternative when using an aromatizable steroid, although it's rather expensive. Remember, place clomiphene or tamoxifen in the same class as syringes and rubbing alcohol. In other words, you can't start the cycle until you have them. Most sources that sell steroids also sell Clomid and the like. Now, the injectable steroids are meant to be delivered intramuscularly, meaning, that you're going to have to inject relatively deep into the muscle.

The "standard" needle is 22 gauge, 1. This is used for injection into the buttocks. You can also use a smaller needle, like a 25 gauge, one inch, but it will take longer to inject and there's a chance you may not inject into the muscle fibers, depending on how much fat is on your ass.

Generally though, most guys can get away with using a one inch needle. Also, you should take into account that although it will inject a lot faster, a larger gauge like 20 or below, will cause more pain and will damage more tissue.

The second most common injection site is the thigh. With this, you should only need a one inch needle. You can also inject into the shoulder as well as other places, but I'd prefer if you stuck with these two for now. Okay, so now the question is, "Where exactly should you inject? Next, imagine a vertical line right down the middle of the first line. So now your butt cheek should be divided into four squares.

The place to inject is in the upper most corner on the outermost section, i. For the thigh, a quick way to do it is to look at your hip and knee, and then imagine a line in between the two. This and a little bit lower are the areas you can inject.

Make sure this is on the outside of your thigh! Okay, so now you're ready. Now find the spot, take a cotton swab and put some rubbing alcohol on it. Swab the area that you'll inject. Some say to hold the needle like you're about the throw a dart. Once the needle is fully submerged, pull back on the plunger just slightly and look to see if any blood enters. If it does, pull out and find a new place, as you've entered a vein and you don't want to inject into a vein. If no blood appears, begin to push the plunger.

Remember, the slower you push, the less pain you'll feel. Once the liquid is gone, pull the syringe directly out and apply a cotton swab to the site. Hold tightly for about 30 seconds and then either tape it on or put a bandage on it. Pull your pants back up; you're done! There's also an old trick that involves pulling the skin slightly over to one side before you stick in the needle. After you inject, let the skin go back to it's normal place.

This is said to close the little path made by the needle to keep all your gear in your ass where it's supposed to be. This isn't that much of a worry in all honesty, but it's an option.

Discard the syringe in a safe place and use a new one for the next injection. Never use the same needle twice it'll be dull, plus you'll risk infection by reusing it and, of course, never share a needle with anyone, especially if your training partner just happens to be a Haitian hemophiliac homosexual intravenous drug user.

Chances are, if you get a hold of some gear, it's going to be a veterinary product. The reason being is that it's much cheaper than human versions and is often just as good.

Not to mention, it's also more available. The question that some people have is whether or not the vet steroids "work as well" as the human versions. The fact is, as long as they're dosed correctly, they'll work just as well.

I've heard some people say that nandrolone decanoate in veterinary form doesn't work as well for humans because it's meant for animals. This just isn't true.

Iamges: safest anabolic steroid oral

safest anabolic steroid oral

March 17, 0. I think most of these steroids exert their effects by inhibiting the effects that glucocorticoids have upon muscle tissue.

safest anabolic steroid oral

I was the guy who always wanted to stay natural, until i got to the point, where i cannot grow anymore.

safest anabolic steroid oral

Don't use any other safest anabolic steroid oral than what we recommend. In fact those recipes are so easy to make, even a 10 year-old can do it! These compounds have safestt resistance to aromatization, if they aromatize at all. While I can't locate any literature on its half-life, based on its molecular composition it would seem to have a slightly longer half-life than most of the other orals. They may prefer anabolic steroids cycles for men that do not produce estrogenic effects or stimulate water retention, as water retention can lead to a softer, bloated appearance.